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Video Inspiration #1

Hey everyone, Ben here! This is the my first blog post EVER. And it's about video inspiration!

Dani and I have been meaning to start a blog for months now to chronicle our daily lives, the things we learn along the way as new business owners, our growth, visual inspiration and video inspiration we come across, and everything in-between.

So, we're starting today! We thought we'd kick things off with videos that inspire us, and hopefully these kind of video inspiration posts will be our gateway to writing more posts.

In film school, I spent so much time studying films and longer-form content. Now, I can't recall the last time I went to the movie theater or watched a video longer than 30 minutes (this reality really sunk in during the Oscars this year, in which I only saw two of the many films up for nominations).

Since we jumpstarted the company late last year, I've found myself focusing more on shorter form content: commercials, brand stories, and social media spots.

I've been consuming all of this short-form content I unintentionally ignored while I was in school and have since fallen in love with short visual storytelling.

I thought I'd use these video inspiration posts as a place to share the ones that stick and have really prompted the work we're pitching to clients and shooting on a week by week basis.

So without further ado, here is a compilation of videos I've stumbled upon recently that are both visually amazing and supremely story-driven.

(Shoutout to Evan Bourcier of who has been sharing similar inspiration-driven blog posts on his websites for years and influenced me to do the same.)



'Buttons' is one of my favorite brand videos that I've stumbled upon. The straight-on composition, quirky production design, and spot-on sound design make for a super engaging, safe-for-Instagram, one-minute story of "a rainy day turned sunny, with the help of a very happy button."


'Trips' is a perfect example of the branded content many production companies (like us) are striving to make. It's a kinetic, visual-driven, people-driven travel narrative that perfectly encapsulates the mantras and user experience of AirBnB. Has great splashes of sound design throughout and it doesn't hurt to use M83 for music and add in some really solid voiceover.


'Torkis' is a part of this incredible series of IKEA brand stories by director Jakob Marky. Each story focuses on an individual IKEA product, breaking down its origin, creators, and its everyday use. I watched just one and found myself deep down the rabbit hole with these IKEA videos. I definitely recommend anyone to do the same because they're spectacular (be sure to watch the one on Wooden Dowels during your binge).


This is an awesome example of how to make a typical talking head video feel unique. The filmmakers were not afraid to expose the artifice and the equipment; it makes for a really engaging, music-driven piece with quick cuts and tight shots.


Zedd's 'Beautiful Now' music video is one of those videos that every time I watch it, I see something different. At times, the cutting starts syncing with the beat and all these 'every-frame-a--painting' shots start flying by. Beautiful story with killer visuals.


'Blue' is an an educational motion graphics piece for CNN's Colour Scope series. Some really rad animation and transitions between scenes. I also love the color blue. Sue me.

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