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Visual Inspiration #2

Hey everyone! This week, I'm focusing on some works that have impacted me the most over the years that I find myself coming back to time and time again for visual inspiration. Some oldies but goodies.

Turns out that most of these visual inspirations happen to also be Vimeo's "Best of the Year" picks. Cool.

Enjoy! I hope these visual inspirations are just as inspiring to you as they were to me.



"Watchtower of Turkey" is one of the most innovative and inspiring travel films I've ever seen. I always find myself coming back to watch this one. Some really impressive "shooting-for-the-edit" with breathtaking match cuts, crash zooms, and speed ramps. Shot entirely on the Panasonic GH3 with foley and ambiences recorded with a cheap Tascam recorder; really shows that you don't need big-budget toys to make a compelling film. "Watchtower of Turkey" won Vimeo's "Best of the Year 2014". Also, here's a great BTS article on the film if you want to learn more.


"Nobody Tells This To Beginners" is a kinetic typography of a speech from Ira Glass that delves into the struggles of creating works. I find myself using these words as momentum to keep going and keep making work. The animations in this piece puts our entire motion graphics reel to shame.


The Mercadantes are some of my favorite filmmakers. "Symmetry" and "Words" blew me away when I first saw them. They are not your conventional lifestyle films; the filmmakers call them "Collection Films." These films craft and collect reality to draw parallels between people and experiences. It's unbelievable how genuine these staged scenes feel. It's not surprising that The Mercadantes are also behind the incredibly documentary-esque Apple commercials, namely this FaceTime commercial. "Symmetry" also won Vimeo's "Best of the Year 2012."


Grab a box of tissues for this one. "Last Minutes with Oden" is one of the saddest, most passionately crafted documentary short films you'll ever see. The film follows a man's last day with his 3-legged dog Oden. This is one of Eliot Rausch's first films, and he has since translated his human-centered filmmaking style into commercials for some of the biggest brands such as Apple, Nike, and Facebook. You might also have even seen his BTS documentary for the film "The Revenant" entitled, "A World Unseen." Anyway, "Last Minutes With Oden" features some beautiful Canon 7D cinematography and a fantastic Bon Iver song, creating a film that will most definitely leave you in tears. Last Minutes with Oden won Vimeo's "Best of the Year 2010."

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