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RedFork Marketing is an Orlando-based marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses grow with purpose-driven design and marketing strategies.


The team at RedFork approached us in the summer of 2020 about creating video content to support their rebrand and to help them connect with more small businesses.


2 years of brainstorming with the RedFork team, 6 months of scripting and prep, and 3 days on-set resulted in a 60-second Brand Anthem and a 4-minute About Film that captures the core of RedFork Marketing and the small businesses they serve. 


Although RedFork had utilized video content in the past, they wanted elevated films that better conveyed the heartbeat of their company and its dedication to small businesses. 

As a creative agency themselves, RedFork was confident in how it wanted to share its brand and services. They craved an opportunity to collaborate with the Oxenfree team on the scripting process for their video concepts.


We approached RedFork with the idea of a StoryFinding Workshop: a 2-day, hands-on collaborative experience that would take the RedFork team through the hero’s journey: exploring the characters, locations, tone, structure, and concepts for their 2 films, together.


At the end of the workshop, we emerged with two (rough) Storyclocks for what became the roadmap for the Hype and About videos that we produced.  

We distilled the best ideas from the workshop and pitched the polished Storyclocks to the RedFork team.



































During this second pitch process, we created a Rip-O-Matic: a preview video that acted as a tone trailer for the project and a visual representation of the final concept for one of the films.


The example video pulled together a variety of clips and photos from external videos that were chosen as visual inspiration for the project. 




The Rip-O-Matic was effective in fully visualizing the concept, and the project was finally green-lit (we even ended up using the exact song we used in the Rip-O-Matic for one of the films)! 


From the two Storyclocks that emerged from the workshop, we collaborated with cinematographers Miguel Corteo and Jon Shank to build out the scripts and shot lists for two films: a 60-second Brand Anthem that ignites interest in RedFork as the sustainable, purpose-driven, strategic marketing solution for small businesses, and a 4-minute About Film that would instill confidence in small business owners in their decision to trust RedFork to effectively manage their brand.


In order to create two lasting pieces of content that RedFork could use for years to come, the brands that would be featured as RedFork clients in the films had to be evergreen.


Together with the RedFork team, we collaborated on creating 4 faux small business personas for the film: a hair salon (Revive), a kid’s subscription box service (WonderBox), a lawn care company (Greene Lawn Care), and a local restaurant (Rayos Del Sol).


RedFork did what they do best– creating the visual brand personas for each business we would feature in the film with custom logos, style guides, websites, and more.


From there, we helped the RedFork team develop and execute the physical brand assets, including branded aprons, polos, subscription boxes, and more.



We accomplished the filming of both videos in a jam-packed 3-day production with 6 locations across the greater Orlando area, utilizing locations provided by real RedFork clients. 


Along with the original two films, we also delivered 15 and 30-second cut downs of each asset so RedFork could use them for various advertising campaigns, as well as executing an array of different aspect ratios of each film for multiple platform optimization.


The fast-paced 60-second Brand Anthem, titled Where Do We Start? opens with 4 small business owners as they begin their day in the quiet hours of the morning. We cut to the RedFork team, starting their day right alongside their small business partners.


Throughout the film, we see each small business owner tackling their day with RedFork’s support, as they collaborate over the phone and work on developing branding materials for the businesses. 


About halfway into the film, the chaos of owning a small business catches up to the partners as they feel momentarily overwhelmed. Simultaneously, a notification from RedFork arrives with a proof of their brand assets that inspires each business owner to dive back into their work. Meanwhile, the RedFork team hustles to put the finishing touches on each project. 


The RedFork team activates all the projects they’ve worked on for their partners, and we see the final deliverables in action via branded aprons, signage, websites, logos, style guides, and more. The film ends with portraits of the now confident business owners, proud of their brand and confident in their partnership with RedFork. 

Watch the film below!












The 4-minute About Film, Stay Small. Grow Big, hits on all the key points of difference that set RedFork apart from other marketing agencies, and connects with the small business owner perspective.


The film kicks off with a cold open from RedFork’s Marketing Director, Dave explaining RedFork’s mission: to help underserved small businesses grow.  Then, we see Dan, RedFork’s Content Director, working with one of their partners as he explains RedFork’s hands-on, personalized approach. Sondra, RedFork’s Creative Director, explains the small business owner’s perspective and how RedFork meets them where they are to find the best solution.


We hear the three voices of RedFork leadership throughout the piece, conveying the RedFork approach and the partnership that RedFork builds with their clients, while also addressing small business fears and challenges. During the film, we see the RedFork collaboration with their partners in action and how together, they can grow BIG.  

Watch the film below!



The two films have been utilized by RedFork Marketing to generate website leads, and help more small businesses connect with RedFork to grow BIG!


The 60-second Brand Anthem has been used in strategic advertising initiatives to generate interest and awareness of the RedFork team, and drive more small business clients to RedFork’s website.


The 4-minute About Video is featured on the RedFork website to help potential clients make the decision to trust RedFork with their business, as well as displayed on each team member’s email signature for more visibility with potential and current clients. 


We also hosted a Wrap Party event with all of the talent, cast, crew, and the RedFork team to premiere the films and celebrate the completion of this collaborative process that involved so many creative minds coming together over the two years of developing the project. 

We want to sincerely thank the team at RedFork for their patience with the process, their collaboration, and for entrusting us with their brand.