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  • What kind of videos do you make?
    A simpler question may be, “What kind of videos don't you make?” We make all kinds of videos for brands and agencies, including Brand Films, Testimonials, Commercials, TV/Episodic Series, Educational Series, Explainers, and more. Our team also has Motion Graphics and Visual Effects capabilities which can serve as the cherry on top of your video or can take center stage, like an Animated Explainer. Any project that seeks to elevate branding and tell authentic stories is our specialty. Although we don’t specialize in capturing personal moments such as wedding films and family events, we are connected to the best in the industry and are always happy to make that connection.
  • What services do you offer?
    We are a full-service creative video agency, handling all aspects of video production from concept development to the final export and wrap party. Our full range of capabilities include: • Creative Development: Script writing, Storyboarding, Storyclock, Creative Workshops • Pre-Production: Location Scouting, Casting, Production Design, Shotlisting, Scheduling • Production: Live Action Production, Virtual Production, Staffing, Broadcast & Live Streaming, Local & Travel Production Support • Post-Production: Editing, Motion Graphics, Sound Mixing, Color, Visual Effects, Brand Guideline Development for Video & Motion Design • Gear Rentals: Cinema Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, Gimbals, EasyRigs, Dollies, Tripods, Stands, Audio Equipment, and More
  • What industries do you specialize in?
    Our story-driven approach is the perfect match for purpose-driven organizations across all industries. We love collaborating with a spectrum of brands in categories such as Food & Beverage, Technology, Sports, Arts & Culture, Healthcare, Tourism, Corporate, Entertainment, and beyond.
  • Where are you located?
    We have offices in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA, and travel all over the world to capture your stories.
  • How big is your team?
    Day-to-day, we operate with a small core team, and have a full roster of trusted contractors and collaborators that we’ve worked with from all over the world. We’ve found that maintaining a small and nimble group of internal team members gives us the ability to scale as needed per project, providing cost-savings for our clients while not compromising our process.
  • How does this all work?
    It all starts with a Discovery Meeting, where we wade into everything your brand and project is about. We listen to your goals, revel in your passions, and begin to tease out the threads of a great story. After our initial meeting, we dive even further into your project during one of our Creative Workshops: a collaborative process bringing together story structure, visual inspiration, and insightful feedback to find the needle in the haystack–the perfect idea for your project. We put that idea to paper via storyboards, storyclocks, and scripts, and begin all the logistics of finding the perfect locations, casting our characters, visualizing the production design, putting a shotlist together, and scheduling the production. At last, we bring that vision to life on set, and create a sea of imagery and sound to sift through during the editing process. After obsessing over every frame in the editing room, we emerge with the end product–a gorgeous, engaging film that speaks directly to your audience.
  • How long does the video production process take?
    Project timelines vary depending on the scope and complexity of each project. Simple projects could take a few weeks, while more complex projects can take more time. We’ve achieved all sorts of deadlines, from turning around same-day edits to managing an episodic series over the course of a year. On average, a standard video project may take several weeks, including creative development, pre-production logistics, filming, and post-production. We work with you to establish timelines early and often so we can activate the best tools and team members to achieve even the most challenging deadlines.
  • How much does it cost? What factors influence pricing?
    The cost of video production varies based on each project’s unique needs. Some of the factors that influence pricing include project timeline, quantity of shoot days, location(s), creative needs, and level of post-production required. Through close collaboration with you, we delve into all the details and dreams you have so we can offer the best solutions for your project. Following our comprehensive Discovery Meeting and Creative Workshop, where we explore and discuss every detail, we create a custom quote to meet your project needs. We work with brands of all sizes and have executed projects at nearly every budget level, from $5K to over $500K.
  • Do you travel?
    Although we’re based in Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA, we travel all over the world to capture stories. Our team (and gear) can travel to you, or we can fully staff out productions by calling on our trusted network of collaborators.
  • Are you able to do concept development and scriptwriting?
    Whether we fully develop the concept in-house, transform your creative musings into a reality, or collaborate together to develop concepts with you, our team is fully equipped to handle any level of concept development. This can include storyboarding, scripting, storyclocks, animatics, virtual reality pre-visualization, and more.
  • Can I be involved in the creative process?
    Absolutely! We believe the best concepts come from close collaboration with our clients. In fact, we kind of depend on it. During the Creative Development phase of your project, we have a variety of Creative Workshops available (depending on how involved you want to be in concept development) that are designed to understand everything your brand is about so we can craft compelling content that deeply resonates with your core audience. The collaboration doesn’t just end at the Creative Development stage, though. We have all sorts of tools that allow for collaboration at every stage of your project’s lifecycle, including: • Slack Connect channels for quick communication • project dashboard access so you can see a project’s status at the click of a button • On-set Video Village setup so you can see what’s being captured (plus live video feed capabilities so remote team members can also see what’s being filmed) • Descript allows your team to have visibility of the full interviews and collaborate on the story edits • allows you to notate feedback directly on each edit (plus Camera to Cloud capabilities can enable you and your team to see all the dailies, seconds after the camera cuts on set)
  • Can you handle the distribution and promotion of the video?
    While our primary focus is making sure every aspect of the video production process goes without a hitch, we understand a stellar distribution plan is crucial in maximizing the impact of your video. Although we don’t directly provide video distribution and marketing services, we have great relationships with a variety of the best advertising and marketing agencies in the industry who we would love to connect you with to ensure your story reaches the right set of eyes.
  • Is that everything?
    Probably not–so if there’s anything else on your mind, we’d love to chat! Our goal is to be your go-to storytelling partner, making the video production process as painless (and fun!) as possible, so we’re here to answer all the questions that keep you up at night–except that one about how many holes a straw has. Email us here or give us a call at (321) 300-7576.
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