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Apply for internship opportunities by emailing us at internships@oxenfree.film

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our internship program

Through our internship program, we offer a collaborative and hands-on environment that immerses students in the film industry and the distinctive processes of developing authentic, cinematic stories. 

Our internship program takes place every Spring (February-April), Summer (June-August), and Fall/Winter (September-November). 


If you have a passion for storytelling and developing your career in the film industry, we would love to be a part of your continued education!


Each intern works directly with Oxenfree team members in our Marketing, Production, or Post-Production Department to develop an individualized experience that helps them further their academic and professional career goals.


Post-Production Intern


The Post-Production Intern is responsible for assembling edits of recorded video footage and creating a polished finished project that accurately reflects the vision of the Creative Director.

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Producer Intern


The Producer Intern is responsible for assisting, optimizing, and executing the communication, materials, and projects of the Creative and Production departments.

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