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Why Do You Need A Brand Story?

With hundreds of video ads floating around each day, how do you make sure people stop and pay attention to yours?

What sets an ad for your business apart from all the others?

With Millennials becoming the largest market of consumers, many businesses know that it is important to appeal to them, but how?

Ben, using the Sony F5 while shooting a Brand Story

One word: authenticity.

We at Oxenfree Film & Motion have found that much of the market reacts positively to authenticity in businesses and organizations. Your consumers want to see the human side to the business -- the behind the scenes of how things are run, and the people who run them.

With authenticity, companies can create genuine interactions with their customers. Authentic interactions can be as simple as leaving a reply to a comment on a social media post, or as direct as calling a client back on the phone. Knowing this information is one thing, but knowing how to best apply it is another.

Our client Heath, with us after production was over!

This is where Brand Stories come in.

We have developed a way to demystify your business, and that's through creating a specific video for you, highlighting all the best and authentic aspects about your business or organization. You can use this video in multiple ways, like:

  • A header video for your social media pages

  • A landing page video for your website

  • Short testimonial clips to share with customers

  • A brief on-boarding video for new hires

  • And more!

We want you to be able to create relationships with your customers, just the same way that your customers want to know more about you.

We've written a few case studies on our past Brand Story projects! Check out the influence behind the videos created, and the results our clients saw after:

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