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The 5 Most Useful Videos for Your Business

If you own your own business, you know how useful video content can be. Corporate videos help you achieve your video goals. We talk about video marketing often, but there are multiple uses for corporate video production, and we're going to emphasize the five most important types that will help you and your company.


1. Brand Story

A good Brand Story shows your company off online. It allows you to show your customer base or target audience who is behind your brand and why you do what you do. These videos are personable and express the powerful story of your business. These videos are short form in order to keep your audience captivated. These videos perform well on social media and landing pages of websites.

Check out one of our favorite Brand Stories!

We also, recently wrote a blog post about why your company should have a Brand Story.

2. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are to the point and generate increased interest. It's intention is to sell your message in an entertaining way. It is not a product commercial. These videos are short and are perfect for quick posts on social media. Making a good explainer video is hard, but we outlined the details to help here.

3. Company Overview

Similar to Brand Stories, company overviews serve as an "about us" for many businesses. These videos can be shorter than a minute, or longer than 5 minutes. Show off some of your company's key players, company culture, and organizational values. These videos are not as emotionally driven as Brand Stories, and are used on the business website rather than social media. These videos make your company stand out!

4. Training Videos

Training videos can be instrumental in the growth of your business. They can focus on training and development, or product use outlines. Training videos can teach, inform, and improve effectiveness. Training videos don't have to be boring, make sure your video is engaging to your audience!

Here's a training video we put together for Florida Hospital's Innovation Lab:

5. Client Testimonials

Nowadays, everyone wants to be assured that they're putting their business in the right company. Users often check reviews on Facebook, Google, and even Youtube! Creating client testimonial videos, and having them readily available for potential customers can help you gain trust before any other interaction with them.


Are you a business in Orlando, Winter Park, Tampa or other Central Florida locations looking for a full service video production team? We want to help create your video, whatever kind it is. We are here to set your business free with videos that inspire.

If you want to learn more about how video can help your business or you're all set and ready begin, start a project with us at Oxenfree today!

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