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407 Day: Celebrating Orlando Brands

Today, April 7th is “407 Day” – a day to show support & pride for the 407 area code, the City of Orlando!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 407 Day than by highlighting some of the people & places that make Orlando great.

Over the years, we’ve been honored to be able to tell the stories of some of Orlando’s favorite districts, restaurants, and brands. What we've captured so far only scratches the surface of what our city has to offer, but we hope that whether you’re a local or have yet to visit The City Beautiful, these stories will help you see what makes our home city so special.

Snap! Orlando: Creative Placemakers

As a contemporary arts organization with a 10 year history of impact & innovative projects, Snap! Orlando reached out to us to tell their Brand Story.

Rather than focus exclusively on their past projects or present-day ambitions, we opted to create a cyclical structure with their present-day planning of their 10 year exhibition with Douglas Kirkland mirroring their opening exhibition of Snap! Space with the same artist 10 years prior, all while featuring some project case studies along the way.

The result is an immersive mini doc that pushed us to use every skill in our arsenal, featuring: mixed reality visual effects, projection mapping, drone lapses, mixed media, archival footage, and a carefully woven past & present narrative.

With the recent news of Snap! Space closing, this film gains new meaning as a celebration of a closed chapter of Snap! Orlando as they expand beyond the limitations of a physical space.

The Story of Craft & Common

A place like Craft & Common doesn’t just happen by accident. Intentionality oozes out of every aspect: the plants on every surface, the quirky goods on the shelves, and the delicious crafted coffee and drinks.

After speaking with owners Brandon & Lindsay and hearing the life experiences that influence each element in the shop, we couldn’t wait to create their brand story.

We hope this video captures the essence of that story and how it shaped every aspect of Craft & Common and their thoughtfully crafted goods.

Visit Orlando: AAPI Heritage Month

In collaboration with Studio Say So and Tasty Chomps for Visit Orlando, Oxenfree had the opportunity to tell the story of three Orlando-local Asian American Pacific Islander restaurants and businesses in honor of AAPI Heritage Month: Dochi, Hawker's Asian Street Food, and Kabooki Sushi.

The Milk District: Tough As Nails

As the COVID-19 pandemic started to slow down and small businesses started to reopen their doors, we had the opportunity to work with Zac Alfson, Director of The Milk District to develop a campaign highlighting Milk District small businesses with the goal of helping to rebuild their businesses after such a challenging time.

What was later named “The Milk District: Tough As Nails” campaign featured 6 district business owners in 60-second videos, along with an additional 60-second compilation video that was used by the district itself.

Everything was accomplished in a single day shoot. We spent 45-60 minutes at each location to capture all the assets needed to execute the project. It was a whirlwind of a production day, but it was amazing to visit with each business owner, hear their stories about the challenges they've overcome, and how The Milk District really supported them throughout every step.

Curry Ford West: Better With You

We recently got the chance to help tell the story of The Curry Ford West District, a long-standing community in the heart of Orlando and an up-and-coming Main Street America district.

What had become a pass-through for commuters is being revitalized by passionate business owners and championed by a new generation of residents eager to build community and see local culture thrive.


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