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DIY MōVI/Ronin Stand Backpack

As many of you know from our social media (, we own/operate a MōVI M5 and we love it. Yet, one of the most annoying things I've found operating with it on event shoots is the Ronin Stand Backpack.

Ronin Stand Backpack

Someone always has to waste a hand carrying it everywhere we go, or I leave it somewhere and have to go back for it.

I know the MōVI Pro/Ronin 2 (Ronin Stand Backpack) or even the MōVI Pro Ring fixes all these issues, but for those of who have not upgraded, I've found a really simple solution for keeping the stand with you always.

Basically, it's just a draw-string athletic bag with a hole cut in the bottom.

This allows for the stand to be open the entire time you're wearing the backpack with the legs of the stand above your shoulders and around your waist. Then you can easily slide off the Ronin Stand Backpackand place the MōVI on it without any extra hassle.

It's a little tricky to put the backpack on with one hand while holding the MōVI in the other, but with a little practice I could do it pretty easily every time. (see GIF below)

The backpack is now a permanent part of my stand. You can easily collapse the legs and store it like you normally would.

I got a bag with higher quality straps instead of the rope straps, but I think the bag was still only $15. It even had a zipper pouch on the back that I used to store a water bottle!


  1. Use a small knife to cut a hole along the bottom seam, careful not to cut the bottom of the zipper pouch.

  2. Collapse the legs and slide em through.

  3. Put it on and pull the straps tight.

  4. Mark on the strap with chalk where to cut off the excess.

  5. Cut the straps.

  6. Retie the knots.



Got to try it out this past week on a sorority bid day shoot and it was a life saver having the stand with me always. The stand is so light I almost forgot I was wearing it. (Click here to see the final video)

The backpack also makes you look really really really cool, so there's that.

Again, here's the link to the bag I bought off Amazon if you want the same one:

Hope to see more people with stands on their backs,

-Ben Gill


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