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Why Facebook's "Premiere" Feature is

Facebook's algorithm is always changing.

Previously, Facebook was making it harder and harder for companies to reach their audiences unless they pay to play, boosting every post and really working the system. We don't know about you, but we don't want to be sponsoring every post so the people that do follow our page MIGHT see it.

Then in a shocking turn of events Facebook introduces the "Premiere" feature, and it's a game changer for sure!

We absolutely love Facebook's "Premiere" option when publishing videos. If we could premiere every video we post we 100% would. (Sometimes it's not necessary though, lol)

And best of all it's FREE!

By using the Facebook Premiere option when scheduling or publishing videos, it will send out a notification to all of the people who "like" or "follow" your page saying that you will be a premiering a video x day at x time. Therefore, it creates a pseudo event that people can set a reminder for and every one of your followers "sees" it.

It's literally that easy.

Once the video goes live, it acts like a live video where you can see the number of people watching, and comment real time with them. Then, when the video plays through once, the post goes from a live-streaming event to a regular video post. Everyone that likes your page will get a notification that you have premiered a video, and will be more likely to see that video.

This feature has quickly increased our number of views per video & number of interactions per video.


Here's a step by step guide to create a premiere for your next video post:

Step 1: Create a post & select your video file

Select Upload Photos/Video

Step 2: Input all of the information and whatever you want the post to include, & then press "Next"

Make sure your description, title, & cover photo are all updated first!

Step 3: Select "Premiere" & pick the day and time you want to premiere the video, then press "Publish"!

Make sure you're posting at optimal times!

That's it! Just 3 easy steps to schedule your premiere is all it takes. Your premiere post should look something like this:


You'll notice that you will receive a notification like this:

What the first notification looks like

And a notification like this after it goes live:

Letting followers know the video is live.

Letting your videos get lost in the ether is now a thing of the past with this new premiere feature.

If you have a video you want to create in mind, let us know! We'd love to collaborate!


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