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Holiday Video Production

With the end of the year quickly approaching, companies and organizations are deciding to ramp up their marketing efforts for the holidays.

Whether it’s for a Black Friday sale or for special events they are hosting, many of these companies recognize the need for high quality video content.

At Oxenfree Film & Motion, an Orlando video production company, we work to ensure our clients that they will get their vision across at a high quality. We can incorporate small holiday touches, or go all out with over the top holiday aspects.

Though Orlando, doesn’t feel as wintery as other places, our video production crew knows how to make the video feel like the season!



It’s no secret that the holiday season draws in the majority of sales for many companies.

People are always searching for the perfect gift to get their loved ones. With that in mind, many companies are eager to fulfill this need and create deals for the occasion.

In this day and age, consumers are less likely to read a paragraph detailing a sale coming up. Many companies are shifting their focus from posters with a lot of writing to video ads to capture their consumers’ attention.

This is also true for organizations that are looking to promote events.



With the holidays quickly approaching, organizations are starting to announce their special holiday events, parties, and activities.

An easy way to spread the word about their events is through video promotions.

From Christmas celebrations, Passover gatherings, or toy drives to help the less fortunate, using videos to spread the word can help spread awareness about the event by showcasing a professionally made video advertisement.



It has been proven time and time again, that viewers trust well-made videos over those that are poorly made. Have you ever been convinced to buy something from a low-quality video?

Not only can our Orlando video production crew provide the high-quality videos they need, but we can also add some special flair for the holidays.

Graphics, filters, and music are just a few of the common choices for spicing up a video for the holidays. Not to mention any holiday décor that can be used in set design during the shoot.

If you find yourself needing or wanting a holiday themed video for your organization, let us know! Our Orlando-based video production team would love to work with you!


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