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Live Fearless

Over the summer of 2021, Tobii Dynavox partnered with Oxenfree to create an inspiring customer success story campaign to highlight one of their incredible users who enjoys life without limits thanks to the industry-leading augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology, the I-Series.

Together, we told the story of I-Series user, Delaina Parrish, an incredible UF graduate, public speaker, small business owner, & disability advocate who also happens to have cerebral palsy.

Communication was a challenge for Delaina, but the I-Series cracked open the door enough to let her bust through.

This campaign included a primary group of 7 videos – one 120-second, two 30-second, and four 15-second videos – which were first produced in English, then re-edited in 8 different languages, and published as a part of a multi-national advertising campaign spanning from the USA to France, Spain, Denmark, and of course, the home country of Tobii Dynavox, Sweden.

This project pushed our team and crew to a whole new level, and the results have been rewarding in so many ways. The entire Oxenfree team is so grateful to Tobii Dynavox for trusting us to share this empowering story.

Check out the Live Fearless campaign right now - we know you'll find Delaina's story as inspiring as we do!

CLIENT: Tobii Dynavox

TALENT: Delaina Parrish, Ali Parrish, Jesse Parrish, Jamie Parrish, Patricia Parrish, Katherine Coon, Terry Coon, Brianna Barone, Chloe Cooksey, Emma Hearon, James Barkaszi, Joshua Simonsen, Leslie Cleaver, Matt Crisp, Mariah Murphy, Omar Trujillo

LOCATIONS: City of Titusville, FL, Fitness 31, Hotpoint Boutique, Pier 13 Coffee Co., Playalinda Brewing Company, Sunrise Bread Co., The Downtown Art Gallery

CREW: Director - Ben Gill, 1st AD - Arthur Goodman, Cameras - Pete Gill, Miguel Corteo, Photography - Austin Burke, Gaffer - Sara "Swany" Swan, PA, Assistant Editor - Katie Harris, Lead Editor - Stephanie Zinnes, Color - Jon Shank, Sound - Shaun Clifford


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