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Orlando Video Storytelling: The Future of Businesses

Orlando Video Storytelling

There’s been a steady increase in desire for more video content on websites and social media. Now’s your chance to use Orlando video storytelling to help your clients discover you.


At Oxenfree Film & Motion, we are all about Orlando video storytelling and know how to help you create an authentic video. Here are a few ways that we’ve learned in the past that have helped many of our clients and can help you, too.

Authenticity is Key

We can’t stress it enough, “authenticity is key.” When it comes to your brand, your audience can spot a fake. They know when you use a stock photo; that’s why being authentic and using real images is the way to reach your audience.


People want to experience something. They want to know about you, and your company. They want to be immersed in an experience with you to better understand what you’re offering to them.

People want a video to be more than just a video, they want to be immersed within the visuals, and the soundscape, to get a feel for what you offer.


Tell a story. A unique story that is about you and your brand. People tend to forget this one and it’s the single most important part of your Orlando video storytelling. You want a unique story that is visceral and that follows a narrative. That narrative should be centered around the message you want to tell. It can be hard to find that narrative, but that’s why we’re here.

What We Can Do For You

We can help you with your Orlando video storytelling. We are storytellers who can help you shape your story from the ground up. We are visual artists ready to set your story free.

If you’re ready to unlock the best story for you or your brand, start a project with us today.

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