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The Power of the Turnkey Video

Turnkey Video

A turnkey video can help you better explain your business to anyone and everyone. These videos are perfect for creating buzz about you, your business or your brand.


What do we mean by turnkey?

Turnkey is defined as a type of work that is created so it can be relatable to just about most people. It’s a way to create something that is consumable by any audience.

Turnkey Video

A turnkey video is a video that is created to serve a particular purpose, and that purpose is to create a fresh, new story. Many videos are created for a particular audience in mind, which is great, but sometimes you want to create a video that can help inspire and shed light on who you are and what you do; and that video should be for everyone.

That video should be shareable on social media and on your site.

The Social Aspect

We can create a turnkey video that will unlock who you are and that can easily be shared so people will learn about you and your services.

Turnkey videos have to tell a story in order to strike a chord with an audience. They need to be authentic, so they should always be about you; they have to be real so an audience can feel an affinity towards you, and turnkey videos have to be structured in a way that is easily followed by all.

How We Can Help

With a turnkey video, Oxenfree Film & Motion can help you jumpstart your brand awareness and grow your business. We will help you share your story. Like we’ve said before, we are here to help you set your business free with videos that will inspire.

If you want to learn more about how a turnkey video can help or you’re all set and ready to begin, start a project with us here at Oxenfree today.


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