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Inspiration: "We Are Coronado" Brand Story

In 2016, Oxenfree had the opportunity to create a cinematic Brand Story for the Coronado Community United Methodist Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

During Pre-Production, we looked at a wide spectrum of visual inspiration that would help influence the overall look for the video.

One of those influences came from a rather unexpected place: the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by director David Fincher.

All of us here at Oxenfree are tremendous fans of Fincher’s work, so it only felt natural to use one of his film’s as a visual reference for one of our first cinematic Brand Stories.

end of the filmslow, push in portraitsAt the of each of those people. , Benjamin Button himself, played by Brad Pitt, recaps each person in the movie that had a direct impact on his life. Accompanying his voiceover are a series of

The "We Are Coronado" Brand Story focuses on the community of the church and therefore, we used these slow push ins to showcase individuals standing in environments that define them, emphasizing that they are everyday people just like the viewer.


For a more in-depth look into our process creating this Brand Story, check out our previous blog post: Case Study: "We Are Coronado"


We shot this piece on the Sony A7s II. To imitate the look Fincher was able to achieve, we attached a wide angle lens (Canon 16-35 f2.8L II) on the A7s II and mounted it on the Freefly Movi M5. We gave each subject a pose or action to add interest as we pushed in.


Inspiration can come from anywhere. Keep your eyes open.

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