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Camera to Cloud: Streamlining Production & Post Camera to Cloud: How it Enhances Production Workflows | Oxenfree Film & Motion

At Oxenfree, we are constantly in pursuit of innovative tools that provide creative solutions for our clients while enhancing our team’s workflows. In the fast-paced world of video production, a well-designed workflow is crucial for avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring high-quality results.

One innovation that has bridged the gap between the production and post-production phases is’s Camera to Cloud (C2C) workflow: a tool that allows clients to see what’s being captured in real time, and gives our team a head start to begin editing while cameras are still rolling on set.


Camera to Cloud (C2C) is a workflow system that allows us to transmit footage as it's being captured to, Adobe’s online video review and collaboration platform.

This means that as we’re filming on set, the footage is immediately available to view, provide feedback, and begin the editing process.

Whether on or off set, anyone can access from the wifi-enabled device of their choice to view what's being captured and provide real-time feedback.

For a client, it's as easy as pulling up on their smartphone or laptop while on set, at home, or at the office. With the ability to review footage while we're actively filming, feedback can be given and adjustments can be made instantaneously, whether that's in-person on set, or by leaving timecode-specific comments right on the video within the platform.

Designed with Clients in Mind | Reviewing Footage on Set | Oxenfree Film & Motion


Bridging the gap between production and post-production through the use of C2C technology opens up limitless possibilities, including:


Clients can review footage while filming is still in progress, and editors can determine if a scene works within the editing sequence by cutting scenes together in real time.


Footage is available for editors as soon as it's captured, reducing the gap between production and post-production, and allowing edits to start within minutes.


C2C can help avoid costs associated with reshoots by allowing for feedback in real time. If something isn’t going according to plan, we can address it immediately on set.


C2C simplifies collaboration with remote team members. Regardless of an editor’s location, they can access the footage from any wifi-enabled device and immediately begin editing without the need to receive a physical drive.

Live Editing on Set Using Camera to Cloud Technology


For editors, integrates seamlessly with many of the industry-leading editing apps, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer.

At Oxenfree, we primarily work with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, and the integration paired with C2C technology has been a game-changer for our editing team for a few reasons:


With an integrated panel right within Premiere Pro and After Effects, this eliminates the need for our editing team to import or export clips/sequences separately. Editors can work with the footage uploaded via C2C to edit a sequence together without the need to navigate away from Premiere to download them separately. Once a new edit is complete, editors can import the latest version to right within the panel directly in Premiere.

Utilizing panel within Adobe Premiere Pro Editing | Oxenfree Film & Motion
Importing clips and sequences into from Adobe Premiere Pro


The integration allows you to not only view the timecode-specific comments, but scrub directly to the clip on the timeline automatically just by clicking on the note. This makes the process of addressing feedback lightning-fast and accurate.

Scrub directly to the exact clip you are adjusting feedback for on the panel in Premiere Pro


As you work through feedback within the panel in Premiere, you can check off notes as you address them, ensuring nothing is missed.

Check off notes as you edit within the panel in Premiere Pro


When C2C is paired with emerging film production technology such as virtual production, getting to a first cut is faster than ever.

“With our latest project using virtual production paired with Camera to Cloud technology, I was able to turn around a demo edit in less than 10 minutes.”


Vū Orlando recently partnered with Oxenfree to execute a fast-paced virtual production shoot for a major broadcast sports and entertainment brand. After a day of tech, camera, and lighting rehearsal, we worked with the Vū team to film 4 scenes in 4 different environments, all within 15 minutes thanks to virtual production technology.

With the help of Camera to Cloud, we were able to edit the footage while cameras were still rolling, and premiered the first cut of the video just minutes after yelling "Cut!" on the final scene.

Take a look at C2C in action on a virtual production set:


With the introduction of’s C2C technology, it unlocks the capability to store, transfer, view, and edit footage in real time. This solution enables post-production to run parallel with production and offers creative, modern solutions to traditional filmmaking workflows that were once not possible.

Explore the Possibilities

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