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About Oxenfree Film & Motion

Oxenfree is a video production & motion design company that focuses on helping businesses demystify their brand & expand their reach through story-driven, branded content.

Oxenfree Film & Motion

We like to we typically focus on videos where we embed ourselves in an organization get a feel for their mantras and the authentic experiences of their users, and then script those into a cinematic piece that’s either interview-driven or voice-over driven.

We’ve since worked with big brands such as Florida Hospital, Uber, Red Bull, 3M, and Visit Florida, but we have a passion for small businesses and telling authentic stories that capture the heartbeat of their brand and help them share it.




I’ve been telling stories since I was a little kid.

I remember playing with LEGOs and action figures and telling everyone what to do and what their characters said.

Looking back, I was always creative, but I looked around and saw so many kids drawing better than me and making better LEGO creations cooler than mine, so I thought art wasn’t for me. I could never make what I saw in my head with my hands.

In middle and high school, I gravitated toward competitive gaming and soccer, but again, I quickly realized my level. I saw people around me that were way better than me and never thought I could reach that same level.

It wasn’t until I started screen recording & editing together these video game highlight montage videos that I found it: Adobe After Effects. The moment I opened the software my mind was blown. The possibilities seemed endless what you could create and manipulate.

A world had opened up of what I could create and learn. To this day I still don’t know my level. I’ve never seen the ceiling of what I could eventually create.

I went on to study film at UCF, creating two shorts that collectively screened at over 20 festivals all over the world, including the British Film Institute in London and the biggest festival in Florida: Florida Film Festival.

After graduating, I worked in corporate video for Florida Hospital, but quickly decided to open my own company, Oxenfree, and stretch the limits of what I am capable of. Embedding myself within organizations, absorbing their mantras and the experiences of their users, and then scripting those into cinematic films.

My goal with Oxenfree is to help businesses demystify their brand & expand their reach through story-driven, branded content.



I grew up a dancer, and was heavily involved with that side of the entertainment industry. After dancing for 17 years, and continuous injuries doctors advised that I stop dancing.

I went to UCF and studied accounting. Two years into my college career, I found myself watching music videos online, and saying out loud (to myself), “I want to do that.” At the time, I didn’t really even know what “that” was, but I knew it was relating to the film industry.

Immediately, I added film as my minor, but I finished all of the required courses in a semester. I wanted to learn more about filmmaking, so after a few weeks of consideration (convincing my parents) I added film as my second degree.

Eventually, I realized producing films was where my skills and passion combined. I could use both sides of my brain to create entertainment for others. Since this discovery I've produced commercials, short films, TV pilots, and a feature film.

To me, the most fulfilling aspect of producing is being able to help someone bring their craft to life.



I went to the University of Central Florida for Broadcast Journalism, I but knew almost immediately that journalism wasn’t for me.

For my 21st birthday, my brother gave me a Canon T2i. I began documenting stories with this camera and eventually began making wedding videos for friends. People who saw them said I should continue doing that, so I did on the side while working a "regular" job.

With external pressures to get a job I knew I wanted to use my journalism education to continue making films. Ben and I met on set one day, and we have been working together ever since!



I recently received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Film at the University of Central Florida. During my time there, I edited twelve student films and directed three of my own.

Since graduating I have worked as a freelance editor for several production companies around Florida, cutting commercial, corporate, and narrative pieces. I recently was the senior editor on a electoral campaign for Florida governor!

Fun Facts: I was a competitive swimmer for over eleven years. My favorite movie genre is Horror and my favorite director is David Fincher.


Now that you know more about us, it's time for us to meet you! If you're interested in creating with us let us know. We'd love to meet for a coffee and chat!

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