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A Letter from the Creative Director

When I founded Oxenfree Design back in 2016, I was a hungry motion graphics designer needing an LLC. The word "Oxenfree" comes from the phrase "olly olly Oxenfree" used during a game of hide 'n' seek which translates to "all are set free."

We embraced this definition for it's implications for creativity, and "design" gave us that precision and intentionality that we apply to every Oxenfree project.

While Motion Design is still a service Oxenfree performs, it is no longer the forefront of Oxenfree's day to day. We've since pivoted to full blown video production and branded content. We made the name "Oxenfree Design" work as long as we could saying that we "design our clients custom stories," but we no longer feel that this name fits us.

How can we preach "clarity and connection" if our own name isn't clear on what we offer?

Therefore, we are changing the ending on our name from "Oxenfree Design" to "Oxenfree Film & Motion", still keeping our Motion Design roots in the tagline, but the word "motion" allows us more flexibility beyond just motion graphics. "Oxenfree Film & Motion" can be a mouthful, but we encourage everyone to refer to us as just "Oxenfree."

Oxenfree Film & Motion Logo

For our new logo, we chose a flowing Ox in motion with a film strip underbelly as our symbol to help others break down our name and the services we provide. We will be embracing the Ox as a standalone graphic as well.

We're hoping this rebrand helps us in our goal to demystify who a brand is & what they do through story-driven films. Join us on our new journey!


Ben Gill


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