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Case Study: The Story of Craft & Common


In the Summer of 2018, Oxenfree had the opportunity to create a cinematic Brand Story for the newly opened Craft & Common, a coffee shop located in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Over the weeks of Pre-Production, we embedded ourselves into the culture of their business, to better understand their story in order to capture it.

Owner, Lindsay, & Barista, Danny, helping us with our overhead shots

Oxenfree worked with owners, Lindsay & Brandon Duensing to bring their creation story of Craft & Common to screen. Their tagline "Coffee + Goods" gave our story a backbone as we focused on why & how they make this happen daily.

We start off by introducing Brandon & Lindsay and their journey across the country. We wanted to introduce their mantras before fully introducing Craft & Common's. Their journey across the country sets the foundation for the attitudes and ideas developed into the shop.

DP, Pete (right) and cam op, Dane (left) getting some b-roll of the Craft & Common Crew preparing to open for the day

We see Brandon & Lindsay driving to imitate the feel of road-tripping across the country, brainstorming drink ideas with inspiration drawing from these experiences.

We then introduce the concept of creating a welcoming "common" space where coffee can be enjoyed, the focus of the film shifts from Brandon & Lindsay's story to the story and creation of Craft & Common.

The film presents each aspect of the shop and its intentional design, from retail to drink inspiration, before coming together for the opening of Craft & Common.

The film then explores the fears and doubts that come along with opening a new business, but the excitement that comes with it.

Next, we focus on the environment and interactions between the team and guests. The idea of creating an extension of their home that is inviting and inspiring rules the last act of their story.

We end the film with quick shots of drinks offered with a fade to the Craft & Common logo.


We premiered the film at Craft & Common so patrons could be a part of this experience. Luckily, at Craft & Common they have a open white wall that worked perfectly as the surface to project the video onto, and a great sound system to hear the video. At this event, Craft & Common showcased their new afternoon bar snack menu, and after the initial premiere of the video, kept the playing the video mute on loop! It was a great night!

Simultaneously, we premiered the video on Facebook in conjunction with Craft & Common, so those who were unable to attend could still be a part of the event. Since its premiere, The Story of Craft & Common has been viewed and shared over 1,000 times.


Client Testimony

"Ben and the rest of the team went above and beyond to bring our brand to life and to eloquently tell our story in a way that captured our ethos so succinctly. Oxenfree was able to not only tell our story, but were efficient with our time & didn't interrupt the workflow of our shop throughout the process. If you are looking to tell a story, you will be more than blown away by Oxenfree's work.We can't recommend them enough!"

-Brandon Duensing, Co-Owner


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