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Are You Ready for 2023?

Imagine for an entire year all of your video content looked cinematic and cohesive, and it only took one day to capture it all.

Introducing Cinematic Content Capture from Oxenfree: a new streamlined production service for local Orlando agencies and brands.

Read on to learn how this new service can help you elevate your brand in 2023!

Creating Cinematic Content Can Be Simple

You understand your brand better than anyone.

These streamlined production bundles are built with efficiency in mind so you walk away with a library of content for the next month, quarter, or year.

How It Works

Work with award-winning cinematographers for an entire day to capture as much content as you need to fulfill your campaigns.

You tell us the date, location, and time. We execute your vision, select the best footage from the day, and deliver everything to you within a 5 business day turnaround so your team can instantly use beautiful video content to elevate your brand.

It's your vision. Let us help you execute it.

Perfect For

  • Building Your Content Library

  • Creating Website Header Videos

  • Stockpiling Product B-Roll Footage

  • Developing Conference Booth Reels

  • Creating Event Highlight Films

  • Capturing Location Walkthroughs

  • Enhancing Social Media Campaigns

  • And So Much More

Packages Include

  • ​Up to 8 Hours On-Site

  • 2 Crew (DP & Assistant)

  • 4K Cinema Camera & Lenses

  • Unlimited Locations

  • Hard Drive with All Footage & Selects

  • Final Delivery in 5 Business Days

  • Video Only (No Audio) Allows for Streamlined Capture & Edit Time

Plan For 2023 Today

With the new year quickly approaching, Oxenfree is here to help prepare your brand for success in 2023 with cinematic and strategic video content.

What are you waiting for? Click below to get started today.


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