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The Power of Visual Storytelling: How Storytelling Impacts the Brain

The Power of Visual Storytelling: How Storytelling Impacts the Brain

From the beginning, visual storytelling had always been a large part of cultures from around the world. From the first cave paintings to the first film, to YouTube, the power of visual storytelling has echoed throughout the ages.


The power of visual storytelling and its effect on the brain has brought about a lot of discussion, articles, and books on the subject. For example, this article by Giovanni Rodriguez from Forbes titled, “This Is Your Brain On Storytelling: The Chemistry Of Modern Communication” which breaks down how visual storytelling impacts the brain and can help your brand.

Your Brain

In essence, your brain produces different chemicals depending on visual and auditory stimulation from a video that you watch. These chemicals can have emotional impacts to the person watching the video which can, in turn, stick in the mind of the person, which leads to them making a choice on whether they want to buy your product or your service or whether they don’t.

The Chemicals of the Brain

Chemicals, like Dopamine, which creates excitement, can be produced in the brain from watching a very emotional video. An emotional video will stick longer in the minds of someone, which is why it is essential to create an emotional story with video in order to reach potential customers or clients.

People Expect Videos and Why Shouldn’t They?

YouTube visitors view about 6 billion hours of videos in a single month. That breaks down to about an hour a video for every person on earth. That's a lot of videos being watched. It's easy to see why videos are so impactful. They are consumed at such a high rate.

Nearly 6 out of 10 business to business marketers rate videos as the key to content marketing.

Oxenfree Design: How We Can Help

Do you want the power of visual storytelling (and all of these points above) at your fingertips? Oxenfree Film & Motion can help set your story free. Start a project with us today.


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